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Sacred Designs

Tranquil Thoughts

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Our Hand Made Designer Lotus are all one of a kind. These sets contain unique color, glow, and glitter combinations not found or available in our custom builds. 

🪷Sets are now made with Dragon Skin Silicone, a softer more durable Silicone that is more resistant to tares and breakage.




~Features: ❗️ This set comes with 4 Lotus seed shells with option to upgrade to 2 or 4 Ultrapoi Pro Knob Leds

~Tether: multi colored soft 10.5mm relaxed Dynamic rope

~Details : Tranquil thoughts, is a multi colored pink, white set with offset handles. Set will be best for daytime use and leds will shine brighter in the clear vs the pink. This set also offers beautiful opal and colored sparkles.


~Hand Made: Each set of Lotus poi are hand poured one of a kind and cannot be replicated 100%. Each set comes in a soft black velvet bag. 


~Glow in the dark: The Lotus head and handles are mixed with glow in the dark phosphate dyes. The glow in the dark rope has reflective filaments woven into the polyester sheath


~Bright LEDs: Lights by featuring Ultra Knob Pro LED Shells. Reliable LiPo battery pack with easy to click button. Recharges in under 2 hours with micro USB and lasts for 6-14 hours of spin time. 12 beautiful and adjustable Color Modes & 36 amazing Flash Patterns. **(Optional Add on)



~ Lotus head: 155g, width base 45mm to 92mm x Height 65mm, Silicone Shore 30a


~ Lotus Handle: 30g, 45mm x 38mm, Silicone Shore 30a


~ UltraPro LED Knob Shell: 23mm x 20mm, Built-in LiPo Battery w/ 6-14 hour Capacity 


~ Black velvet 8x10 inch carrying bag

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