• What is the Lotus Poi?

    Lotus Poi are a unique take on the traditional 20 petal Lotus flower. Our lotus design was elegantly hand crafted from clay and made into a mold that allow these flowers to blossom. Each set is made with intention and love.

  • Glow in the Dark?

    No batteries needed! Charge up the Lotus Poi with a light source and they will glow for 4-6 hours. Phosphorescent powders are hand mixed into each set. The glow in the dark tethers have reflective filaments woven into its sheath.

  • Light up the Flower?

    The Lotus Poi is designed to fit 4 UltraKnob Pro LEDs by UltraPoi.com. Featuring 12 beautiful and adjustable color modes & 36 amazing flash patterns. The LED chip is rechargeable under 2 hours and lasts for 6-14 hours of flow time. The LEDs are housed inside the UltraKnob Shell, a durable polycarbonate plastic capsule, and attached directly to the rope for a secure fit. The LED brightness may be affected by color filaments added to premade and custome builds. Refer to the LED Bright-Ometer when selecting LEDs or check out our White Lotus best suited for LEDS!

    Lights by UltraPoi.com