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The Lotus is our translucent silicone model best suited for LEDs. *(Optional Add-Ons include LEDs and Glow filament. Glow filament may slightly alter the color of the lotus).

Led Brightness: 5/5


~Your Choice of now 13 different tethers!

~Hand Made: Each set of Lotus poi is hand poured. 

** These sets are made to order **

~ Lotus Seed: The Lotus Seed attach directly to rope and fit snug inside the lotus for a secured grip and extra support. Seeds available in white or Black.

~Glow in the dark: The Lotus head and handles are mixed with glow in the dark phosphate dyes. The glow in the dark rope has reflective filaments woven into the polyester sheath **(Optional Add on for White Lotus, it will slightly alter the color).

~Bright LEDs: Lights by featuring Ultra Knob Pro LED Shells. Reliable LiPo battery pack with easy to click button. Recharges in under 2 hours with micro USB and lasts for 6-14 hours of spin time. 12 beautiful and adjustable Color Modes & 36 amazing Flash Patterns. **(Optional Add on)


~ Lotus head: 155g, width base 45mm to 92mm x Height 65mm, Silicone Shore 30a

~ Lotus Handle: 30g, 45mm x 38mm, Silicone Shore 30a

~ UltraPro LED Knob Shell: 23mm x 20mm, Built-in LiPo Battery w/ 6-14 hour Capacity 

~Rope varies by choice (polyester, nylon, cotton) 

~Travel Bag dimensions 8x10 inch bag

Customer Reviews

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Cassie Harris
My Dream Poi

I've been flowing for 2 years and been drooling over the Sacred Design Lotus Poi for at least a year. The only thing I regret is that I didn't buy them sooner. Best birthday present for myself ever.