• What is the Lotus Poi?

    Lotus Poi are a unique take on the traditional 20 petal Lotus flower. Our lotus design was elegantly hand crafted from clay and made into a mold that allow these flowers to blossom. Each set is made with intention and love, poured with Dragon Skin liquid silicone, bonded, and infused with different pigments, glow filaments and glitter to create a truly unique set of poi.

  • Glow in the Dark?

    No batteries needed! Charge up the Lotus Poi with a light source and they will glow for 4-6 hours. Phosphorescent powders are hand mixed into each set. The glow in the dark tethers have reflective filaments woven into its sheath.

  • Light up the Flower?

    The Lotus Poi is designed to fit 4 UltraKnob Pro LEDs by UltraPoi.com. Featuring 12 beautiful and adjustable color modes & 36 amazing flash patterns. The LED chip is rechargeable under 2 hours and lasts for 6-14 hours of flow time. The LEDs are housed inside the UltraKnob Shell, a durable polycarbonate plastic capsule, and attached directly to the rope for a secure fit. The LED brightness may be affected by color filaments added to premade and custome builds. Refer to the LED Bright-Ometer when selecting LEDs or check out our White Lotus best suited for LEDS!

    Lights by UltraPoi.com